Rule of Three: how to send only love in response to pain and anger

We get mad. We get hurt. We want to lash back. It is only human to feel these things but it’s very important that we do not act on them. It is important that we send only good intentions out into the world. Why is that you may ask? It is because of the Rule of Three.

What is the Rule of Three? It is a Universal truth that what you send out into the world will come back to you. It will not only come back to you but it will come back to you threefold. Let me tell you a story. I once knew a witch who coveted her friend’s husband and children. It was a past life issue, but the reason for the desire to possess them does not matter. She started sending bad intentions toward her friend hoping that eventually she would be out of the picture so she could then marry the friend’s husband and raise her children. Luckily,  the friend put up protection and was able to keep herself safe. She fled from the coven and broke all contact with this woman. Years later she ran into this woman in a spiritual class. The woman was in treatment for Cancer. The Rule of Three had paid the woman back for the ill intentions she sent out to another. IMG_8927

It is important that no matter what happens to you in life, no matter how another may wrong you, that you send out nothing but love. It can be very difficult in time of pain, betrayal, and fear to stay in a high intention of love. I know another woman whose child is being raised by a stepmother. The stepmother is jealous and does not want the child’s mother involved. She does everything she can to block the child’s time with the mother and even has the child call the mother by her first name when at stepmother’s house. It would be hard for anyone to not hate this woman. The mother, however, knows and understands the importance of the Rule of Three. She set the intention that the stepmother finds the help she needs to be a better person. She sends love to the child that the stepmother once was, hoping to help heal the health of the child inside her that must have been hurt terribly to be such a jealous and controlling adult.

Another example would be when my home was broken into. I arrived home and saw how my house had been gone through and things thrown everywhere. I sat down on my bedroom floor amongst all the debris and cried. I could not understand how someone, who must have had a mother, could treat a woman’s personal space in her bedroom this way. I knew (despite a very human part of me who wanted to send out anger) that I must only send love. Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 7.11.15 AMI asked all of my friends to send healing intentions to this person. I asked that we all set the intention that their life would improve in such a way that this lifestyle would no longer be an option.

It can be difficult not to wish things on others. Sometimes it seems therapeutic to imagine that bad things will happen to others but stay in your highest vibrational state and send only love to these poor damaged souls. If that is to tough, send it to their inner child, if you cannot send it to the adult who hurt you.

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