Fae Folk

Do you work with the Fae Folk? Do you call on them to help you? Do you leave them gifts and trinkets? I have long loved the Fae from the Fairies to the Gnomes and all Fae Folk in-between. Do I have a favorite Fae species? I think not. They are each unique and wonderful in their own special ways. DSCN0006I grew up with my very Irish grandmother telling me tails of the Leprechauns. My, how I loved to hear these stories. She explained how the people of Ireland were actually quite nervous about the Leprechauns, because of the tricks and taunts they would play on unsuspecting people. My child self ,though, had no such fear of Leprechauns. I told my grandmother they were my friends, and so they still are. I have learned more about the Fae over the years and am fortunate to have a friend with a gift of capturing them on camera. I am fascinated with their world and enjoy working with them in healing and intuitive endeavors. They can be tricky – oh yes, they can. If you make a deal with them you best be prepared to pay the price if you break it. 

IMG_1712I had just such an experience with the Faerie Folk once that taught me to be careful what types of “deals” I make. I can’t remember what I was asking help with, but in exchange I said I would help take better care of the environment. The next day I drove my SUV to work. I was inside, working, when someone came to tell me that my SUV was no longer in its parking spot but rather sitting in the middle of the parking lot. Lesson learned. Be careful what you offer up in deals

Another time I had a lovely country home. I created a Faerie Garden, It had brick paths, with lots of trees and flowers, Gnome status, and Fairy houses. I would leave little offerings of chocolate and crystals there for them. I would sit with them in the evenings and enjoy a glass of wine, while inviting them to celebrate life with me. We were very happy. One day I decided the commute to work was too far and that I needed to move into the city. I looked at house after house after house but nothing was right and the ones I did like would be sold to another bidder. One day, after feeling frustrated on loosing another bid, it occurred to me what the problem was. My Faerie friends did not want me to go. I went out into my garden and brought little treats and gifts to leave for them. I told them that I needed to move and that any of them who would like to come with me were welcome to and those who wanted to stay in the country, could stay behind. That I loved them all and thanked them for the blessings they had shared with me.  That I would miss those who chose not to come but I understood that they loved this beautiful country home. IMG_1707The very next time I went looking at houses, I was early to meet my real estate  agent. There was an open house about a block from the house I was supposed to meet him at. This house was about $3000 above my search criteria, so it had not shown up on the houses he was showing me. It had only gone on the market only 4 days earlier. To kill time I went to the open house. I knew instantly that this would be my new home. It was a magical place that, although located inside the city, had a large front and back yard. An Amazing 18 mature trees were located on the property. The home had beautiful stone fireplaces and a fenced backyard with plenty of room for ceremony and a fire pit. So I built a stone circle in the backyard from stones that came from the previous home, to help those that came with me to feel more at home. It remains to this day a magical place.

If you respect and honor the Earth and  respect and honor the Elementals,  they can be your allies. They are the protectors of the Earth. Because they are close to the Earth, they are perfect to help with those items that we associate with the elements of the Earth; such as family, home, money, and other such tangible items.  Just remember to be honest and not make a promises you can’t keep!

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