Rainbow Moonstone – The Witches Stone

I love Rainbow Moonstone for its magical appearance. Perhaps this is part of why I feel so strongly that this, above all other stones, represents my inner witch. The luminescent colors and quality of the stone reflect even the smallest amount of light, easily able, to draw the reflective nature of the moon. The stone is pretty and has a soft feminine quality. I Feel I radiate with magic, with the soft protective power of the Goddess, when I wear it. Here are 13 reasons why I feel this is the witches stone.

1. Radiance – As witches; we radiate our divine nature, magic, energy. The rainbow moonstone has such a beautiful radiance. When I wear it, I feel that it amplifies the power of my aura. It is a bright light that glows from this pretty jewel. Just like the bright light that shines from us. 

2. Connection with the Moon and the Triple Goddess – The moon represents the divine feminine, the Triple Goddess. Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Moonstone’s reflective nature connects it to the moon. It allows us to reflect on all aspects of our life. To see these different stages of life with respect and grow with the understanding of them. 

3. Protection – I feel as a witch that the spell I send out the most often is protection. Protection for myself, protection for those I love and protection for my home and personal space. This crystal is a powerful protector and can help to amplify the spells we send out. 

4. Access to emotions – I personally have had a difficult time touching and processing emotions. As a solitary practitioner, I can not say if this is true for all witches. My guess is that it is not. I feel that emotions are an important part in the magic that we weave and being able to access that is important. The Moonstone aids me in doing this. 

5. Sometimes contradictory – The stone is feminine but protective. It connects to cycles of life. It is a common stone but has uncommon beauty. It is hard but has soft energy. Protective yet romantic. The contractive nature of this stone resinates with the contradictory nature of myself, how I can be one thing one moment and something totally different the next. Business woman answering an email and then witch writing a blog. 

6. Mystery – I find that I am a bit of a mystery to those around me. I have been told that I am very interesting. I don’t think a lot of people truly understand all that is me, because of my contradictions and my introverted nature that doesn’t feel the need to share all that is going on inside of me. This makes me a bit a of mystery to others. Just like this beautiful stone has a mysterious quality in the shine and color that seems to change with the light. There is a depth to it that many other stones do not possess. 

7. Travel – Whether it is Astro-Projection, Inter-Dimensional, Dream, or Physical travel; Moonstone will help you on your journey. It is even said that this quality is amplified by nighttime travel. 

8. Spirits of nature – This gem is related to the spirits of nature. What could be more witchy than that?  I feel my connection with nature is what makes me a witch. I work with the nature spirits, elves, fairies, pixies, gnomes, and countless others. There is the Green Man and Mother Earth, the Rainbow Moonstone connects me to all of these. 

9. Psychic abilities – It helps amplify the intuitive nature. I do not know if all witches practice divination but I suspect that most do. It is a big part of who I am. Reading Tarot, giving psychic readings, and mediumship are all part of who I am and the moonstone embraces all of this too. Especially the mediumship, after all, what could be better than the power of the moon to talk with those who are on a different plane. 

10. Cycles – The woman’s moon cycle, the cycles of the moon, the cycles of the earth and the wheel of the year. they are all connected. They are all part of this iridescent rock and they are all part of us as well. 

11. Sacred Feminine energies and sensuality – The is much written of the Moonstone’s connection to love and marriage. I feel it embraces the females sensuality; that slinky, smoky, nature of the soft curvy being that seems to change shapes as she moves toward you. She oozes with untamed sexuality. I feel that this stone enhances that, embraces that, and helps you to do the same. 

12. Healing: starting with the self – This is also a crystal of healing, but unlike some other stones, it urges you to start by healing yourself. Chiron is the wounded healer. He learns how to heal others because he has healed his own wounds. Who among us does not have wounds. This is a big part of Shamanism as well. Heal yourself first so that you are able to help others. 

13. Spiritual – This stone is connected to our spirituality. It works with our crown chakra to connect us to source. It strengthens that connection and helps us feel a part of the collective “god” energy.

This magical crystal can help us in so many ways. I cannot say it is my favorite crystal, for there are so many beautiful and helpful stones, but as an amulet for my inner witchy nature it is very helpful and representative of that aspect of myself. May the Goddess be with you and help you on your path! 



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