11 Witchy Cooking tricks

What does witchy cooking mean to me? It doesn’t mean I am working a spell or adding eye of newt and the blood of my enemy to a cauldron. I am not a fairy tale witch. I am a real woman who cares for my family and uses natural ways to keep them healthy. It means I make choices when I am cooking, based on what can benefit them most.

  1. Cast Iron I cook with Cast Iron pots and pans for a couple of reasons. First, I do not have to worry about anyone ingesting teflon and the damage that may do to them. Second, because almost everything I cook is vegetarian, I know they are getting some additional iron from the pans. Something most of us need.
  2. Onions Onions have great immune properties and can help us stay healthy during cold and flew season. Plus they add sweetness to a meal.
  3. Mushrooms- They have the ability to fight cancer and help you stay satisfied longer after a meal. Shiitake mushrooms are also great for boosting the immune system. That and I just like them.
  4. Turmeric – This is a great herb to add to meals because it has strong anti inflammatory properties.
  5. Coconut oil – Has so many great properties for our health. One of my favorites is weight management. I use this oil in my cooking and to “treat” my cast iron pans so it keeps them in really great health.
  6. Cook Happy – By cooking happy and with love in your heart you put that energy into your food. Never cook angry. Keep your thoughts positive and your vibrations high when you are making your meal.
  7. Basil – I love the way this herb tastes and it prevents diabetes, as well as protects the blood vessels, among other things.
  8. Lots of color – By adding different colored veggies to your cooking, you add different antioxidants. My grandmother always said pretty food tastes better but it is also more healthy for you.
  9. Garlic – Beside the ability to reduce your sick time with a cold or flu, garlic can also reduce blood pressure.
  10. Quinoa – This grain is a great source of protein as a vegetarian, I am always looking for healthy sources of protein.
  11. Spinach – I love the bright color it adds but also the iron. Iron is better absorbed when taken with vitamin C, so add a squirt of lemon to your meal will help with this too.


There are so many more ways to cook healthy meals for those you love and a great way to love yourself. Happy Healthy Cooking!

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