Religious Freedom

In my last post, I mentioned briefly, that we live in a country that professes to have religious freedom. I do not believe that this right is truly afforded to all of us. I believe, that we believe in religious freedom as a consent but when you get down to the nitty gritty, there are a number of “codes” that go along with this.
1. I believe that religious freedom is for the Christians. That we talk about being free to choose but what we really mean is you are free to choose between being Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, or some other Christian denomination.
2. Being Jewish is also acceptable.
3. You may be Hindu or Buddhist if you come from a country where those belief are common.
4. Being Muslim maybe accepted by some, if you are from an enthusiastic group, but widely this is also looked at with discomfort.
5. You may walk the red road if you are Native American.
6. Pagan, Wicca, Druid, and other earth based spiritualities be careful who you share your beliefs with.

IMG_0740Why is it like this? Why is this so called freedom for only a select few. If you are someone who is not Christian or Jewish, do you find it frightening to tell people about your spiritual beliefs? No one thinks twice of saying things about Jesus but I must think twice about mentioning the Green Man. No one thinks twice about wishing us a Happy Easter but I must be discreet in saying Happy Ostara on Social Media.
I think much of this is due to fear and myths taught by those in power in order to keep that power. Like the way the Catholic Church made Saints out of people like St Patrick who drove the snakes out of Ireland and St George who slaughtered the dragon – both myths (SNAKES AND DRAGONS) actually referring to pagans.
I meet occasionally with a group of Druids to participate in ceremonies. These are a group of highly educated people, Master and Doctorate degrees fill the room. They hold prestigious jobs that help the community but they hide who they are, for fear of retaliation or exclusion.
I once had a boss who was very open in sharing her Christian beliefs. I do believe in God but in a more energetic sense as being a whole of all of our collective energies. This is a personal belief that I share with few and had not shared with her. One day she made a comment about “her God” to me. I asked her, “isn’t your God, the same God, as my God?” Her response shocked me! She replied that her God, sent me to her, to do her work so that she can honor her God. What!?! Really!?! How could this even be happening in this day an age?
What types have experiences have you had that are similar? Are you afraid to share your spirituality? Do you lack community, because finding a group that fits your beliefs, seems too hard or are you scared to put yourself out there?

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